KUbuntu Rocks

My younger brother wants a laptop for XMas, so I’m going to give him the Apple (Lombard) Powerbook that I acquired from Colin this summer (for free!). As soon as I got it, I took the time to get Gentoo running on it next to OS 9 (which I didn’t need). It ran fine and would even sleep after I played with it for a few days.

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Now that it’s supposed to go my brother, I thought I’d clean it up a little. I grabbed the newest (“Breezy”) PPC .iso this morning in a few minutes (the Kubuntu servers were letting me download at >700Kb/s), burned the disc on my iBook, and slapped it in the old Powerbook. It booted without problems and installed everything (everything!) without making me do anything but select my country and language. I’ve never had such an easy time putting Linux on anything, let alone an old PowerPC laptop.

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  1. Colin says:

    Hey, what are friends for if not to give away perfectly good P’books? Even though I paid a princely sum for that beast: $3,400 (I got it when Apple first started offering online “build your own” options) I certainly had extracted the value of all my money by the time I passed it along. I ran the damn thing for four years straight, literally shutting down the machine only during restarts. I played many a game, downloaded many a Phish show, ran an FTP server, and had many adventures with that machine. Which is when I learned about HD MTBF ratings… Keith wrote his Junior IS on that computer, along with most of his Senior IS and other assignments. I am sad to see the G3 go, but I am glad that it continues to be a gift that keeps on giving.