The First Blizzard

The weather forecasters around here love to make dire predictions about the winter weather. They may be true for other parts of the state, but they’re almost always laughably wrong for where we live in Somerville.

Yesterday, however, proved them right. The forecast was for 4-7″ of snow during the day, but they reduced that in the morning to 3-5″ and said that the high would be 35 degrees F. I, of course, was skeptical, as always. Boy was I wrong….

We ended up getting 6″ during the day and the visibility when I walked home from work was comically bad–probably less than 100 yards for most of the time. I would have frozen alive if the temperature had been any lower, as the winds were gusting about 25 mph.

The most exiciting bit was the lightning, which no one at work had ever heard during a snowstorm (even us Midwesterners). I had thought it was climatalogically impossible. There was even a plane struck by one bolt:

A Comair plane on its descent into Logan International Airport in Boston was struck by lightning Friday afternoon and made an emergency landing. None of the 32 passengers or 3 crew members on the flight were hurt. The plane, which suffered wing damage, was arriving from Baltimore. Logan Airport was later closed because of the weather, as were T. F. Green Airport in Providence and Hanscom Field in Bedford, Mass.

NY Times on the storm

Then, this morning, I got to clean off the Prius so that Elizabeth could go to her stained glass class at the MFA. That took 15 minutes of shovelling and another 10 minutes just to get the silly car out of the snowbank. Oh, how it made me long for my old Audi wagon with all-wheel-drive.

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    I just found this: which talks about lightning during snowstorms: