FreeBSD Success

So, I did finally manage to get FreeBSD installed last weekend. There were a few factors stabbing me in the back (and making me slag FreeBSD more than it deserved). Specifically, I’ve decided, after about 15 tries, that:

  • I think the machine got thrown out because one or both of the IDE ports got funked up
  • I think the Developer’s (no X) install of FreeBSD 6 was too big for my small hard drives

So, I ended up getting it to work by installing it on my 4Gb SCSI from the FTP (remember, no IDE at all, so no CD drive…). The machine’s been up for 5 days now, so it’s been a bit of a success. Daniel says he’ll find me some more SCSI drives so that we can get the reasonable drive space.

Final notes:

  • My only bitch with FreeBSD was that it couldn’t figure out how to DHCP to my router, so I had to do the stupid manual network config and then wait for what seemed like a long time for it to accept the valid manual specs I’d given it
  • The FreeBSD minimal install is very minimal. I was amazed at how many things I would have expected on any ol’ Linux box are actually unnecesary
  • When pressed, I don’t actually need that much more than the minimal install, vim, bash, wget, and mzscheme. That’s nice to know

Now for the box to blow up…

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