RAM Hogs

I’m getting pretty annoyed by the performance of my year-old iBook these days, mostly due to my DSL not working properly and running out of RAM (neither of which is really the fault of the hardware persay). After noticing that I was has 870MB of RAM “Used” (of 1GB total) according to my iStat Nano widget (basically a wrapper to top or Activity Monitor), I started trying to quit stuff to get that back down. With everything closed, I was using 697MB.. Blech.

I shutdown, restarted. Here’s my startup log:

Action Used (MB) Difference (MB)
Startup 224 n/a
Thunderbird 267 43
Firefox (google.com) 314 47
FF to gmail.com 324 10
Adium 341 17
Finder (new window, browsing) 351 10
Terminal 365 14
Teminal–3 new windows 378 13
Firefox–two new tabs, sites 378 8
Azureus 446 68 (!!)

Blah, I thought life should at least be decent with 1GB RAM?!

Update: This document from Apple helps explain why only some of the columns in Activity Monitor are interesting.

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