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DocBook Dinner

Friday, December 8th, 2006


Originally uploaded by psd.

The highlight of XML Conference 2006 (more coverage here, here, and here.

Want darcs? Well, install these too…

Friday, December 1st, 2006

How could darcs possibly have this many dependencies?

[background: installing darcs using fink on OSX so that I can then build from source to get to the current version.]

The following package will be installed or updated:
The following 31 additional packages will be installed:
docbook-xsl gd2 gd2-shlibs ghc ghc-dev
ghostscript ghostscript-fonts gmp gmp-shlibs latex2html
libcurl3-unified libcurl3-unified-shlibs libgmpxx4-shlibs
libkpathsea4 libkpathsea4-shlibs libmpfr1 libmpfr1-shlibs
libtiff libtiff-bin libtiff-shlibs libwww libwww-bin
libwww-shlibs netpbm-bin netpbm10-shlibs openmotif3
openmotif3-shlibs t1lib5 t1lib5-shlibs tetex-base tetex-texmf
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