DocBook-XSL Sytlesheets have >600 Parameters

Norm Walsh writes:

Stylesheets can have literally hundreds of parameters. The DocBook XSL Stylesheets have more than six hundred.

All I can say at this point is: wow. Grepping the core of our own customization shows 121 <xsl:param>s (about 20 of which we introduced) and 52 <xsl:attribute-set>s (20, again). Thinking about it now (as I haven’t before), we’ve probably minimized that number by completely overriding 13 of the “regular” fo/ stylesheets directly (rather than using params or smaller, single-template overrides). The DocBook-XSL sytlesheets are a truly impressive, complex project.

Their complexity brings me to the other DocBook-related news item from today, in which Bob DuCharme argues that XHTML 2:

will hit a sweet spot between the richness of DocBook and the simplicity of XHTML 1

I’m certainly hopeful that our work in the DocBook SubCommittee for Publishers will move a subset of DocBook closer to that “sweet spot”.

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